15+ Questions Of Digital Marketing with their answers – Learn SEO

Q1. If you run a small Shop in Your town and is considering taking her business online. How could going digital benefit Your business?

A1. You will be more visible to Customers. You can target local customers, it will be easier to communicate with customers.

Q2. Once your business is online, what opportunities can you take advantage of?

A2. Finding lots of customers; Selling your services or products straight from your website or app; Delivering targeted ads to your customers; Using analytics to improve your online sales;

Q3. After getting the business up and running over the last six months, you are now ready to create a digital presence. What do you think You should set up first: Social media profile or a mobile app?

A3. Social media profile

Q4. You are investigating how to create business websites for your local business. So few questions to know how a website works?

                                Q4.1       Every website is hosted on a server. True or False

                                A4.1       True

                                Q4.2       When users navigate to a website it is known as ‘hosting’. (True of False)

                                A4.2       False

                                Q4.3       How does a website works (Explain in brief)

                                A4.3       When someone types your web address into their browser, here’s what basically happens.

  1. First, their browser figures out which server holds the content, and heads over to that server.
  2. The browser then says, “Hey, would you mind giving me all the elements I need to show a person this web page?”
  3. The Server replies, “Sure, I’m sending along 5 images, 2 scripts, and a few additional files.”
  4. The browser puts all the pieces together, and the person sees your nicely formatted web page.

Q5. What are the key ingredients of a website?

A5. 1) your domain name. 2) Homepage 3) Navigations 4) About Us page 5) Contact Page 6) other Pages

Q6. If you are drafting a description for the About Us page of your website. What things you will keep in your mind?

A6. 1) The words you use should be so much more than just a sales pitch. 2) avoid technical jargon and chest-beating about how great you are. 3) Use of images and videos

Q7. What are the benefits of using search engines?

A7. 1) Customers can locate services and offerings when they search for them online. 2) Customers will see advertisements for Yours business whenever they use a search engine 3) Search engines can help to get the word out locally about yours’ new business

Q8. How search Engines work?

A8. 1) First, they examine content they learn about and have permission to see (that’s called crawling). 2) they categorise each piece of content (that’s called indexing). 3) they decide which content is most useful to searchers (that’s called ranking).

Q9. What are a few things you should pay attention to in order to get your website more visible in search engines and gaining clicks?

A9. 1)  Page titles. 2) Keywords in Content 3) Meta Tags.

Q10. What are Organic Results?

A10. Organic search results appear when someone makes a search using a search engine. They aren’t paid for by businesses and they aren’t adverts.

Q11. What are paid searches?

A11. The paid search results are given a more prominent position on the search results page by paying certain amount to search engines.

Q12. How can Google Search Console can help you?

A12. 1)  It can help show whether he’s using proper keywords in his content. 2) It can also show if the website is seen/ clicked in search results or not for particular keywords.

Q13. What are the best ways to create headings for Search engine marketing Campaigns?

A13. Adding Discount words like 25% off, Using Attractive offers or give ways in titles.

Q14. How can we increase Quality score of paid ads?

A14. 1) Relevancy 2) Using Keywords in URL as well as in Content.

Q15. What are Metrics and Dimensions in Google analytics.

A15. Metrics are something that we can measure in numbers, and dimensions are the parameters on which we analyse the metrics.

Q16. How can you use goals in Google analytics?

A16. Goals can be used to measure certain Actions on the website like it can show how many visitors has filled up the contact form. Or how many have signed up for any services,

Q17. What is Local SEO and how can we go it on page and off page.?

A17. For on page we can use maps, clickable Contact no’s & for Off page activities like classified, My Business set up, And paid campaigns

Q18. What can you do to retain and increase your social media followers and encourage others?

A18. Regular posting on business profiles, giving information about market trends, not showing sales pitch while updating on social media, Running Ads,

Q19. How can you find the right social media sites for you?

A19. Analysing each social media platform by looking into the traffic, engagements will help us to know which social media platform will be useful.

Q20. Why do we keep our website mobile friendly? How can we do that?

Q20. People are more on mobile phones these days, we can improve our website from mobile prospective like making mobile numbers clickable from mobiles, Using maps, Navigation buttons.

Q21. What are display advertising? Why it is required if we already have search advertising.?

A22. Running advertisements that is rich in Images/Videos to showcase the product or services in better way, we need display ads. 

Q22. How can you use videos to reach customers?

A22. Videos are great way to explain about the services and showcase the products. It can give a clear picture to the viewers about the nature, Flow and working of the product.