Brief study on role of Local TLD & Generic TLDs in SEO

In past few days i have got many responses asking for the role of TLD in SEO, Here is the brief study on role of Local TLDs & Generic TLD.

Scenario: The business want to know, how will SEO get affected if we purchase local TLDs and .com too.

Study: if we are using different content for all the TLDs website, it will be of maximum beneficial for SEO prospective. The location based keywords will give the boost in SEO rankings and local presence.

In case we are not thinking about new websites for each locations. It would be preferred to set .com as primary domain and we can anyway buy the location based and redirect it to the primary TLD (.com).

How does it will affect SEO: As far as the ranking and visibility factors concern , the local TLD will somewhere be losing its visibility in search results because of lack on content on the website. In this case as there is no previous work is being done on ccTLDs (Country code TLDs) , So buying them from SEO prospective may not be fruitful for SEO.

What Can be done: Rather buying different ccTLDs we will prefer having website with location based sub directories i.e: Instead of we can use and keep out location based content there.  If we are planning to have different content for different locations, it will be beneficial to have ccTLDs and then a checkpoint for location change.