A Beginner’s Guide to SEO Copywriting

When it comes to optimizing your website according to SEO, It plays very important role.

SEO Copyrighting is optimizing content of our website.  The Important parts are Keyword research, Content writing, Meta tags writing. This has been now parted in many steps. few of them are listed below.

  1. Keyword Research: The first step goes in searching relevant keywords for our industry. This includes doing market research, looking for latest trends, and analyzing our competitors.
  2. Content Writing: Next phase includes writing relevant content based on the keywords. it is recommended to keep the content unique and texts properly readable.
  3. Proof reading: Readers don’t want to read mistakes in your content, that’s why it’s mandatory to proof read our content before it get published. While doing this few things we should keep in our mind like Finding Errors, Looking for proper use of keywords, Length of content, Ease of reading, easy to understand.
  4. Title and meta tags writing: Titles are the second most important part of SEO after content. This is the first thing a visitor see in our website or in search snippet. We just need to follow few tips in writing Title, and bingo.
    1. Title must be to the point, we don’t require to stuff our keywords in the title.
    2. It must be relevant to the content.
    3. The title should contain some eye catching words like “Know More” “Buy Now” etc.
    4. Title should not be too lengthy and should not exceed the preferred length.
  5. Meta Descriptions: After title is being created, it is required to keep our meta description little explained from titles. From SEO prospective the description could also contain the keywords. Again it should not be overstuffed. The meta description is also require to be in the proper length.

These above term sums up the basics in SEO copyrighting, steps, tips and tricks to do it.

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