Useful email trick that you must know

We all uses email services. There are nearly 5000 million email accounts exist over Internet. 

At any instance of time you would have subscribed to any newsletter or would have shared your email addresses to any website.

Have you ever thought,how you usually get newsletters from the websites you have never subscribed to?? 

Yes, our email addresses get sold by the the websites, and that’s common. 

Today I am sharing a trick that will let you track if the sender originally had your email address or it’s been purchased from others. 

Whenever you are going to subscribe on any website don’t use your exact email id. Like if you want to subscribe to Amazon newsletter write your email address as instead of . The mails will come as it would have sent to your original id.

Now suppose you have never subscribed to Flipkart or any other newsletter and suddenly got one from them. Just look at the detail of mail. If it’s then it’s the same id you shared with Amazon. 

I have tested this trick using Google mails. Although it may not work with all providers.

Hope you enjoyed the trick and going to use it. 

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