How to remove spam traffic from Google Analytics

Starting November 2017, you might have seen a huge increase in your referral traffic of website. That a great achievement isn’t it?

But get a pause!

Have you checked the referral websites from where you are getting traffic?? You need to check it out right now as it could be nothing but SPAM TRAFFIC.

Now the question is what is spam traffic?

Spam traffic are the ghost visitors who hits the website without having a visit on it. These websites will just ping your google analytics code and will mark its presence to your website. You will also see the bounce rate from those referrers as 100% and average session duration as 00:00:00  (Ref screenshot) spam traffic in google analytics spam traffic in google analytics

How to remove ( Spam referral traffic from Google Anlaytics?)

Google analytics gives an option to exclude the website that you dont want to track in your GA

here are the steps for the same:

  1. Login to Google analytics
  2. go to your website property
  3. Go to Gear icon on the left bottom
  4. Click on tracking info in property setting
  5. Now go to referral Exclusion list
  6. Add the website which is sending spam traffic
  7. Save and it’s done

Though it will not filter out the historic data but will surely remove from the next time it happen.

Feel free to share your views in comments below .



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